about us - THE GROUP

What is the Quadra Group?

The Quadra Group has interests in the energy and media sectors.  The Quadra Foundation which is associated with the Quadra Group identifies and invests in venture philanthropy projects. The Quadra Group was established by David Lyons, an accomplished Canadian-born entrepreneur.

How we got here

The Quadra Group’s commitment to entrepreneurialism was honed in the Canadian energy exploration and development industry within Ocelot Industries Ltd. When Quadra Group founder David Lyons joined Ocelot in 1984, the company had $800 million of debt and negative cash flow. Over the next seven years, David and a small team of colleagues led an ambitious turnaround strategy that enabled the company to repay all of its debt, return significant capital to shareholders, and establish a small platform for further growth. At the core of this strategy was the development of a large natural gas property between 1984 and 1988 and its subsequent monetisation for $380 million in 1988.

In 1991 Ocelot’s energy production and petrochemical operations were divided into two public companies. A third business, Ocelot’s energy services division, was subsequently dividended to shareholders in 1994. The combined value of the shares that shareholders received in the three companies exceeded $30 per share. 

David then took the publicly-traded energy exploration and production company into the international arena with projects in Gabon and Tanzania. In 2006, the company’s Gabon assets and operations, which were then called Pan-Ocean Energy, were sold for over $55 per share ($1.6 billion). Prior to the sale of Pan-Ocean, the Tanzanian operations were dividended to shareholders and are currently operated as Orca Exploration Group Inc., trading on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX-V – ORC.B and ORC.A).  

David Lyons’ success in turning around, transforming and building energy companies in extraordinarily difficult environments continues to provide the capital, confidence and vision that drives the Quadra Group and inspires its belief in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit.